Mamoru Chiba
Present Day Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart Endymion Terra
Born August 3, 1986
Titles Tuxedo Kamen, Prince of Earth
  • Mamo-chan
  • Endy
Physical Information
Species Terran
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Skin color White, tan
Cosmic Characteristics
Guardian Planet Earth
Magical Items Roses, Golden Crystal
Familial Information
Parents Midori Chiba & Yuudai Chiba
Spouse Usagi Tsukino
Other Information
Alignment Good
Portrayed By Peter Strother, Mamoru Chiba
Mamoru Endymion Chiba is the son of Midori Chiba and an Yuudai Chiba. He is also the past life of Endymion Terra. He is portrayed by Tom Welling.


Early Life/ChildhoodEdit

Mamoru was orphaned at a young age, forgetting everything before he was ten-years-old. He made two friends after he woke up, an alien named Fiore and a girl named Usagi. He was met by Usagi Tsukino at the hospital after Fiore informed him that he was leaving. Mamoru was given a rose by Usagi, which he then gave to Fiore, inadvertently creating an enemy for the sailor senshi. He was left at an orphanage after he was released from the hospital, where he met his best friend, Motoki Furuhata.

Mysterious DreamsEdit

Sometime before he became the masked hero, Tuxedo Kamen, Mamoru started having dreams of a princess begging him to bring her the Ginzuishou. This led to him becoming Tuxedo Kamen, his subconscious demanding he protect his princess.

Love LifeEdit

Mamoru, being orphaned and having no memories of before that time, is very unaccustomed to love and public displays of affection. However, this did not stop nearly every girl in the series falling for him.

Rei HinoEdit

There was a brief period of time in which Mamoru was dating Sailor Mars, Rei Hino. However, this ended after only a couple of dates, both realizing Mamoru wasn't in love with Rei.

Usagi TsukinoEdit

Usagi is Mamoru's main love interest throughout the series, even after he breaks up with her. She relentlessly tried to get him back, even when he claimed he didn't love her anymore. It was later discovered that they are destined to be married and have children. Later, in Stars, Usagi is often seen writing letters to Mamoru, stating how much she loves and misses him.


From the beginning, Beryl showed interest in Mamoru, having fallen for him in a past life. After kidnapping him, she started making advances towards him, which he turned down.


An, in her human form, Natsumi, showed a great deal of interest in Mamoru, as Ail did for Usagi. However, he generally regarded her as a crazy schoolgirl with a bad crush on him.


Saori was a one-episode character, a friend from Mamoru's college. She obviously displayed affection towards him, causing Chibi-Usa to worry, but in the end, Saori realized Mamoru was destined to be with Usagi.


While targeting Mamoru, Fisheye posed as a woman, but Mamoru turned him down, saying his dream was not pure like Usagi's.


In his human form, Mamoru only has access to his healing abilities, thus wielding the Golden Crystal, and his agility that he has as Tuxedo Kamen.



Mamoru Chiba, simply put, means "Earth protector" in Japanese. This is so perfectly fit viewing that in his past life, he was the prince of the Earth.

Endymion comes from the Greek myth of Selene and Endymion. Endymion, a mortal, fell in love with Selene, a goddess. He bore her fifty daughters, but when he started to age, Selene asked Zeus to let him stay young forever. In turn, he was put to eternal sleep, never to age.


Mamoru is a rather cold individual, having trouble letting people in due to his parents' deaths when he was ten. His only close friends are Motoki and Usagi, though Chibi-Usa could be considered to be in this category as well. He is friends with the senshi and other people, but he does not get that close. He also has trouble with public displays of affections, which Usagi is trying to fix.


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