"She poisoned my daughter with an apple because she thought Rose was prettier than her." -Usagi Tsukino

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Rose Estae Lunaria is the princess of the moon and Earth and daughter of Serenity Lunaria X and Endymion Terra. She has no siblings. She is the past life of Rose Chiba.


Early LifeEdit

Rose was born almost immediately before the fall of the Silver Millennium. Her parents attempted to hide her away so she would not be killed but to no avail. However, in an alternate reality were the Silver Millennium continued on, she grew up only knowing her mother. She was trained well as a royal, but much like her mother, she longed for adventure.

As Snow WhiteEdit

On her sixteenth birthday, Rose ran away to Earth and was promptly arrested by Terran guards. She was brought to the king, who realized that she was his daughter. The two accepted each other, but their time together was short, as Endymion's wife, Diônê, feared that Rose would find out that she was working with the Dark Kingdom and would take her throne. Diônê sent a huntsman after Rose, but he let her go. Rose experienced many life changing events throughout her time on the run, eventually stopping Diônê's plot to take over the solar system.

Love LifeEdit

Until coming to Earth, Rose failed to make any romantic connections. However, her time on the run led to three potential true loves.