"'I know I'm not exactly what people expected of me... but that's why I have to rule." -Serenity Lunaria X 

Serenity Estae Lunaria X is the princess of the moon and daughter of Serenity Lunaria IX. She is the youngest of four children with an elder brother named Jericho Lunaria and twins named Orion and Amaranth Lunaria. She is the past life of Usagi Tsukino and the future life of Guardian Cosmos. She is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb.


Early LifeEdit

Serenity was born as many queens before her had: through the Galaxy Cauldron. As the only one to be born from the Cauldron and not through traditional means, she was immediately chosen to be the next ruler of the moon and the Silver Millennium. She was forbidden from training with the senshi, instead having to take more lessons in etiquette and politics. In a surprising turn of events, she blackmailed her brother, Jericho, into teaching her how to fight. Still, she remained close with the Inner Senshi, her best friends.

London and NeverlandEdit

In a moment of childishness and irresponsibility when she was eleven, Serenity ventured out to London, England. She quickly befriended a boy, Peter, and his friends. A chain of events led to them and Peter's father landing in Neverland. While Peter's father became the infamous Captain Hook, Peter was given the ability to fly by fairies and changed his surname to Pan. Serenity was also taken in by the fairies and told of her destiny as Sailor Cosmos. With the help of the fairies, both Peter and Serenity learned to control their powers and took down the former captain of the Jolly Roger. However, after the events transpired, Serenity realized that she had to go back to the moon and eventually assume the throne. She asked Peter to come with her, but he refused.

Post Gaining the GinzuishouEdit

As a Lunarian, Serenity was dubbed a woman at fourteen and was given power over the Ginzuishou. At one point, she used this power to teleport to Earth, where she met her future husband, Endymion Terra. When Serenity was seventeen, the moon was attacked by the Dark Kingdom and Earth, bringing about her death.

Love LifeEdit

Endymion TerraEdit

Endymion and Serenity met when Serenity was fourteen, and it was love at first sight. The two met in secret, not even the senshi or shitennou knowing what they were up to. They married when Serenity was fifteen, and when she was sixteen, the senshi, Shitennou and Queen Serenity all discovered Serenity and Endymion's relationship, though they thought the relationship was new and budding and were oblivious to the marriage.

Seiya KouEdit

Seiya was a prince from Kinmoku who became engaged to Serenity when she turned fourteen. She was opposed to the marriage, running away to Earth in order to avoid the engagement party. Upon her return, Seiya easily realized that Serenity had fallen in love with someone else and suggested that the marriage be postponed until she was eighteen, buying her time to find another man she wanted to marry.


  • Wielding the Ginzuishou- on her fourteenth birthday, Serenity was granted power over the Ginzuishou and all the power that came with it.
  • Teleportation- the ability to move from one place to another instantaneously
  • Healing- the ability to heal any wound, so long as the victim is still alive
  • Aura seeing- the ability to see multiple types of auras: mood, personality, and species
  • Telekinesis- the ability to move objects with one's mind
  • Telepathy- the ability to communicate with another through their minds
  • Various others that are unknown
  • Serenity was also trained as an expert swordsman and archer, as well as in martial arts by her older brother.


Parents: Queen Serenity Lunaria

Siblings: Jericho, Orion, and Amaranth Lunaria.

Husband: Endymion Terra

Children: Rose Lunaria


  • Princess Serenity
  • Usagi Tsukino
  • Sailor Moon
  • Super Sailor Moon
  • Eternal Sailor Moon
  • Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Sailor Cosmos


The name Serenity is taken from the Greek name, Selene. Selene was a goddess that fell in love with a human shepherd (some versions of the myth refer to him as a noble) named Endymion. He bore her fifty daughters, but Endymion started to age. Selene was given the option by Zeus of letting him die, or him going on in an eternal sleep, so she could always admire him. She chose the latter.

Each planet is named after the ruling family, thus making the moon only being called the moon or Luna for ten generations, Serenity being the most recent.


Serenity is a rather mature young lady, but would always fight for what she believed in. She also had a bit of a mischievous streak, playing pranks on her brothers and the senshi and blackmailing her older brother into training her.


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