Usagi Tsukino
Present Day Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart Serenity Lunaria X
Born June 30, 1993
Titles Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos
  • Usa
  • Usako
Physical Information
Species Cosmian & Lunarian
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde, Silver
Eye color Blue, Silver
Skin color White, pale
Cosmic Characteristics
Guardian Planet Cosmos & The Moon
Main Magical Items Cosmic Bow, Tiara
Familial Information
Parents Ikuko Tsukino & Kenji Tsukino
Siblings Shingo Tsukino & Selene Tsukino
Spouse Mamoru Chiba
Other Information
Alignment Good
Portrayed By Willow Shields, AnnaSophia Robb
Usagi Serenity Tsukino is the daughter of Ikuko and Kenji Tsukino, sister to Shingo and Selene Tsukino. She is also the present life of Serenity Lunaria. She is portrayed by Anna Sophia Robb.


Early Life/ChildhoodEdit

As a child, Usagi was kind and carefree. When she was three years old, her brother and sister were born, and on her way to give her mother a bouquet of roses, she got lost, finding her way into the hospital room of Mamoru Chiba , who had recently lost his parents in a car accident. She offered him a rose from the bouquet, which ultimately wound up being the cause of an invasion of Earth, though the problem was quickly resolved.

Beginnings as a Sailor SenshiEdit

Towards the beginning of the main series, Usagi is portrayed as a crybaby and a ditz. However, once she gets her powers as Sailor Moon, she gradually begins to change. She was likely the most resistant to being a senshi as the series went along, showing her "quitting" once she discovered she was the princess and occasionally making lamentable comments about being a senshi. But whenever her friends- or anyone, for that matter- were in danger, she sprung into action, more than willing to sacrifice her life for those around her.

Love LifeEdit

Usagi's main romantic interest is Mamoru Chiba, though she has encountered others interested in her. However, she remained faithful to Mamoru throughout the series, despite the offers.

Mamoru ChibaEdit

Usagi and Mamoru were far from friends when they first met. The two had antagonistic

Mamoru Chiba

relationship at first, but gradually became pseudo-friends towards the end of the first arc of the first season.Usagi spends the second arc of the first season trying to get Mamoru back after he was mortally wounded and kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom. Mamoru breaks up with her in the second season, but they do eventually get back together and travel to the future where they discover they're married and have a daughter. He also starts calling her "Usako", meaning "little rabbit" in Japanese during the second season. Mamoru takes the backseat in the third and fourth seasons, as well as in the fifth season, where he leaves to America. Usagi takes more notice to his absence, though, and she is seen in almost every episode writing a letter to him. The end of the main series shows them kissing under the moonlight.

Motoki FuruhataEdit

Usagi's "first love" came in the form of the arcade manager, Motoki Furuhata. She flirted shamelessly with him, though the feelings started gravitating away from him and towards Tuxedo Kamen in the beginning of the first season. Upon learning that Motoki was her brother in a past life, any romantic feelings for him ceased.


Ail, in his human disguise, fell for Usagi on his first day of school, and at first, she fell back. Once she regained her memories, though, she realized that she only thought Seijuuruo was good-looking. Despite this, Ail continued flirting with her until he was revealed to her as Ail, and she to him as Sailor Moon.

Prince DimandeEdit

Prince Dimande had a crush on Neo-Queen Serenity, being captivated by her eyes. And while his attempts to gain Neo-Queen Serenity's affections proved futile, he did manage to capture Usagi at one point, kissing her.

Haruka TenohEdit

While Haruka is a lesbian, she often flirted with Usagi, even kissing her at one point. However, she never really intended to be in a romantic relationship with Usagi.

Seiya KouEdit

Seiya had a crush on Usagi almost instantly. He often made attempts to kiss Usagi or ask her out on a date. Usagi was often oblivious to Seiya's advances, but she did notice the major things, especially when she spent long amounts of time with him. Seiya succeeded in kissing Usagi once, but she remained true to Mamoru in the end.

Peter HookEdit

In her past life, Usagi met a boy named Peter and quickly gained a crush on him. However, he had no intentions of growing up any time soon and didn't even realize Serenity liked him. However, after Usagi and Mamoru broke up for the second time, he was the shoulder she could cry on. They were in a brief relationship before Usagi and Mamoru got back together.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Usagi's most notable power is her ability to throw her tiara, though this skill and accuracy helps her out later when it comes to fighting in her human form, as she is able to throw knives with just as much accuracy. However, she later shows healing abilities, from items in the anime and manga, and without as time goes on past Sailor Stars. She can also teleport with or without the help of her senshi and has enhanced agility and jumping abilities that evolve into flight. She also has the ability to see auras and what planet people are from.


Usagi is often portrayed as bubbly and happy, as well as rather ditzy and a crybaby. She remains about the same throughout the series, though she grows more responsible as the series continues. She proves time and time again just how selfless she is, refusing to let a human or her friends die, even at the cost of her own life. After Stars, in Gateway especially, she proves that she has really grown up, crying less and showing off her smart side more. She also shows how mature and responsible she is and how well she can handle stressful situations, planning Motoki and Reika's wedding with ease.



Ikuko and Kenji


Shingo and Selene


  • Usagi Tsukino
  • Sailor Moon
  • Super Sailor Moon
  • Eternal Sailor Moon
  • Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Sailor Cosmos


"Usagi" is Japanese for "rabbit", while "tsuki-" means "moon", and "-no" as a suffix means "of". When you combine all this together, you get "rabbit of the moon". This can be taken many ways.

One way is Usagi's hairstyle, while called two "odango", looks like a pair of rabbit ears. As for the moon part of her name, the fact that she is Sailor Moon makes it obvious enough.

Another way it can be viewed is that, as Americans see a man on the moon, the Japanese see an image of a rabbit making mochi, thus adding in a pun to Usagi's name.

Usagi's middle name, Serenity, is taken from the Greek name, Selene. Selene was a goddess that fell in love with a human shepherd (some versions of the myth refer to him as a noble) named Endymion. He bore her fifty daughters, but Endymion started to age. Selene was given the option by Zeus of letting him die, or him going on in an eternal sleep, so she could always admire him. She chose the latter.


  • Usagi's room, whenever it is shown, displays many bunnies all around, from figurines to her bed sheets.